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What does sustainability precise mean?

“Sustainable development means, to consider environmental aspects equal to social and commercial aspects. Hence, to operate sustainable means: We have to ensure an intact ecological, social and economic environment to our children and grandchildren. The aspects are interconnected with each other, meaning that one does not come along without the others.”


We like to work according to this spirit. Therefore the following guidelines and regulations are implemented for instance.

REACH regulation:

REACH is a regulation of the European Union, which is established to improve the protection of human health and the environment against risks that might occur by the usage of hazardous chemicals. In addition, it strives to redcue animal experiments by promoting alternative technologies for the Determination of harmful influences of substances.

ROHS guideline and electrical device regulation:

The ROHS guideline conduces to restrict the usage of specific harmful substances in electrical devices. Furthermore, the electrical device regulation manages and conducts the return and recycling of electronic scrap. Since 2006, we are registered (Reg. Nr. DE 589 583 75) and part of the return system.

EMV guideline:

EMV stands for electromagnetic compatibility, it is the competence of a device (e.g. a wireless chime) to work with its environment satisfactorywithout producing electromagnetic interferences itself. So products have to comply with critical interference values while being interference resistant simultaneously.

Packaging regulation:

The aim of the packaging regulation is, to reduce the appearance of packaging waste. This includes different packaging types such as sales packaging, outer packaging and transport packaging. We configure them as small as possible and as big as necessary, while keeping them well separable (paper, plastics etc.)