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Please note that our support can only provide you with an assistance on technical issues.

Provisions of implied warranty apply to all Heidemann products. In case of a complaint, please contact the retail shop where you have bought the product (you can find the address on the receipt/ invoice). Please do not send any returns to us unasked, since we will reject them. Furthermore, we cannot take any responsibility for products or documents that got lost by mailing.

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Process time of your email can be up to 2 working days ( Mon. - Fri.) depending on the kind of inquiry and quantity of questions.

How to reach us:

Support Hotline: +49 (0)2154/812825
email: service(at)


Article 70399 Attention: Connection wiring modified!

The installation of article 70399 wireless converter has changed because of an necessary technical modification. The manuals of charge 177896 and 177897 show an old version.

The charge is shown at the back of the product:

You can find the correct manuals by following these Link: or 70399N
Where can I buy Heidemann Products?

You can buy our products direktly in a building supplies store. A store close-by could be find at the store locator.

Furthermore you can buy our products in an Online-Shop. You will find them here.

Why does the HX wireless receiver sound, even though HX wireless transmitter has not been touched?

An appliance in your neighbourhood possibly transmits on the same frequency. Please change the frequency setting of the appliance (see operating manual „changing the frequency“).

Which wireless transmitters of the HX series are suitable also for extension of the call system?

HX wireless transmitters with the article numbers 70392 and 70393 are also suitable for call system extension (= suitable for connection to an existing doorbell system).

Is it possible to operate electro-mechanical and electronic chimes together?

No, because they is interference between them via the battery.

Where is the operating instruction resp. the connection plan, which is mentioned on the packaging of the product?

A separate operating manual is enclosed in the packaging of all products of the HX wireless series. The instruction for all other products is on the inside of the cardboard (please fold open).

Alternatively all information is available for download on our homepage.



Are batteries necessary in electronic chimes even when they are connected to a transformer?

Yes, because the power needed for playing the melody is supplied by a battery (batteries). (This does not apply to Model 70501 Croma.)

Why does the electro-mechanic chime Sonnet (Art.-No. 70148) not work?

Make sure the bridge circuit between connecting clamps 0 and 1 is closed. (see connection diagram).

Is it possible to connect the products of the HX wireless series - which are suitable for bell system extensions- to an entry phone?

Unfortunately the connection is not possible.

How can I operate two (or more) HX wireless chimes on separate frequencies?

Wait at least 16 minutes when setting the frequencies of different sets to avoid frequency interferences.

Why does my HX wireless receiver which I use as a call extension device in an apartment block, sound - even though someone rang the bell in another apartment?

In this case you have to change the connector in the HX wireless transmitter / converter from B+C to A+C. the B+C variation causes an unwanted short circuit when using a chime with inductor.

Which batteries may be used?

If you run your Heidemann chime or wireless chimes with batteries, please note, that it is only allowed to use alkaline batteries. Otherwise disorder of the devise can happen. Unsuitable are e.g. lithium batteries, rechargeable batteies or high voltage batteries as e.g. Duracell Super +50% power.