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Two-Tone-Chime Tebas 230 V
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Illuminated as well as non-illuminated bell push-buttons may be used.

  • pure white
  • volume approx. 82 dB (A)
  • H x W x D 168 x 105 x 45 mm
  • connection 230V, connects directly to built-in 8 V ~ / 1 A bell transformer


Productinformation Chimes 8 V and 230 V

The article shown on this page is available as 8V and 230V version. The 230V version in equipped with a bell transformer, that means the chime is in fact connected to 230V, but all further installation within the appliance resp. connecting to bell push-button runs on 8V. This version is mainly used when a bell transformer is not available in the house chime system and when battery operated chimes are not desired.

Note: It is not possible to run this 230V chime completely on 230V. Please use  our Export-Chimes for this application.

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