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Multiple Tone Chime Melodica
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Illuminated (only when connecting to bell transformer) as well as non-illuminated bell push-buttons may be used.

  • silver/charcoal-grey
  • continuous volume control from 55 - 90 dB (A)
  • H x W x D approx. 130 x 130 x 32 mm
  • 2 melodies adjustable
  • double call differentiation (e.g. for side entrance)
  • connects to bell transformer 8 V 1 or 2 A and batteries (1 x 9 V 6LR61 / Block) or only to batteries (not included in delivery)


Productinformation electronic chimes

The article shown on this page is particular designed for double-wire operation. It is a problem especially at older chime systems, that only two wires, that means one conduct coming from the bell transformer and one conduct coming from the bell push button, are available for the chime installation. Therefore only electromechanical chimes but no electronic chimes could be used. Otherwise no electricity is available at the chime after pushing the bell push button.

The article shown on this page is particular designed for this double-wire operation in combination with a battery. This battery cares for playing the melody when the bell push button has been pushed. Furthermore this type could be installed in the same way on an existing multiple wire installation.

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